A friendly day’s gaming with rules author Simon Miller taking part



Firestorm Games Centre – Trade Street, Cardiff, CF10 5DT

 Telephone: 02920 227 117

Near Cardiff Central Train/bus station; free parking available on site (please notify Ross in advance if possible if required)


£10 entry fee includes day membership of Firestorm, prizes & trophies.



Simon Miller simonmiller60 AT gmail DOT com

Ross Broadstock – ross AT figurepainting DOT co DOT uk  0758 313 8834



130 point armies from any official army list

Army lists are available as free downloads from Simon’s great webstore - (link above)

3 rounds of 1 hour 55”

No new turns to start after 1 hour 45”

Main rule book with variations shown below



9.30 Meet and greet

9.40 1st round draw and rules run through

10.00 – 11.55 Round 1

Lunch till 12.20 There is an excellent café on site - to save time on the day, please order in advance if possible with Ross or the venue

12.25 – 2.20 Round 2

2.30 – 4.25 Round 3

4.30 – presentations and farewells.


The draw

Round 1 – random draw with players from same “group” avoiding each other.  If 2 from the same group are drawn together new opponents are drawn for both.

Round 2 – Players with 10+ points will be placed in a “pool” and drawn from randomly first, followed by those with 6-10 points and then those with 5 or less points.  Any “orphaned” player will drop to the next pool to face the next player drawn.

Players from the same group may play each other in rounds 2 and 3.

 “Rematches” are avoided by placing the second name drawn on the next table down and new opponents drawn for both.  If the last 2 players drawn results in a rematch the second name drawn swaps up a table.

Round 3 – Players fill the places in the order of their current points total from rounds 1 and 2.  I.e. first placed v second placed etc. 

Any “rematches” are avoided as above.

If there is a tie the player with the higher score on “countback” of opponents scores will be placed higher.  If still tied, decided by drawing 1 card each with the higher card winning!


Points scoring

1 point for each medal captured with a bonus of +3 points for being unbroken at the end of the battle and a further +3 for breaking the enemy.


Variations from the rule book (check for updates)

No obstacles

No fortifications

Max 1 stream for each player (must be first item placed)