Historical Armies and Units

All scales and periods considered

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A - Block painting

Block painting uses flat colours without the use of washes or highlights.  A professional finish is achieved through the use of  multiple layers of thin paint.  The style can work well with most figures and older styles in particular such as these classic Hinton figures from the 70s.

Also suitable for armies and large units with bold colours.

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D - Glazing

Glazing is a process of adding very dilute layers of paint, ink or washes to create additional depth and detail.  The Figurepainting method is to first paint the figures monochrome to help the shading process and then to add the glazes.

Works best with solid areas of colour such as these riders and horses that were painted for the Clash of Empires expansion book - Rise and Fall of Persia.

The effect is not always great for flesh parts of the figure and faces and hands are sometimes overpainted.

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B - 3 Layer painting

3 layer painting consists of a shade colour, main colour and highlight colour.

Produces dramatic highlights and shades and is very popular for magazine pictures and displays such as these 1/72 figures painted for a museum display

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E Blended finish

The full display figure process with delicate layers of dilute paint and washes laid gradually over one another to give the highest level of depthand realism.

As per these figures painted for the medieval rulebook - Lords & Servants

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C - Traditional style

"Traditional" style is that used by most wargamers when painting.  The figure is block painted in bold colours and the covered in a wash to pick to flood the recesses and emphasise details.  Once dry the raised areas are then highlighted.

Figurepainting can paint to match the style of existing figures in a collection if requested.

Shown here on 1/72 Airfix plastic Hussars.  Classics!

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Please mention any extra requirements such as fancy shields, complicated uniforms and camo patterns as they may add a little extra to the rate.

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